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In Bocca al Lupo

Lisbon's first Organic Pizzeria

Our vision

Only with the best ingredients can you make the best pizza.


Organic, seasonal, gourmet and homely, IN BOCCA AL LUPO is headed by Chefs Mandillo&Castro who bring a new approach to the roman pizza baked in a traditional stone oven and based on the very best organic ingredients sourced directly from producers in Portugal and Italy.

We have several delicious vegetarian, vegan and gluten free pizzas, as well as a selection of deserts made daily from the freshest ingredients to meet the taste and expectations of all our guests, both grownup and kids.

To drink, our Chefs have brought together a selection of the very best Portuguese organic wines and both national and international craft beers. We offer a range of tea and coffee from diferent regions in the world which are obviously organic and sourced only through fairtrade avenues.

In our shop you’ll be able to find a selection of some of the products you can taste in our restaurant, most notably some of our wines, beers, coffees and canned tuna.

Our space strives to be both welcoming and casual. We love exquisite food and all our dishes are meticulously chosen and prepared to inspire you to taste!

IN BOCCA AL LUPO is a friendly wish of good luck given out to someone about to undertake a challenge!

Our Partners

The Art of Flour

Molino Pasini Spa has been active in the milling sector for over 80 years and three generations. The company produces high quality flours for the most exigent customers.
Today Molino Pasini is the perfect balance between the continuity with the past and the evolution towards the future. The continuous research of the best quality is always the company’s top priority.

Extraordinary Normal


We have been developing organic agriculture for thirty years; the life of our cooperative is intertwined with the growth and development of this sector.

Our mission is to make organic the norm rather than the exception exclusive to a small niche. We work every day to ensure that everyone can have the opportunity and the right to consume products free of poisons daily. We have a well established network of relations, a wealth of skills, knowledge and expertise, which makes us a point of reference for those seeking basic biological foodstuffs.

Even though we are a small company, we sell pasta and tomato in many countries worldwide. Flexibility and the capacity to fulfil our customers' daily requirements are our trademarks, providing a wide range of services tailored to their needs. All this forms part of our EXTRAORDINARY NORMAL co-operative.

Respire. Saboreie. Delicie.


A empresa Vasco Pinto é uma empresa certificada produtora, transformadora e distribuidora de produtos biológicos de elevada qualidade.

A empresa já existe desde 1999. Quando se iniciou na actividade, com base em conhecimento técnico e experiência profissional adquirida na Suíça pelo sócios gerentes e parte dos funcionários, um dos países mais desenvolvidos a nível BIO.

A política e missão da empresa é generalizar o consumo dos produtos biológicos a nível nacional levando produtos da mais elevada qualidade à medida do consumidor e a um preço justo.

É através da vasta rede dos nossos fornecedores e de soluções inovadoras que promovemos uma filosofia de responsabilidade social e sustentabilidade. Além do aspecto de preservação da Natureza a empresa promove o emprego, o desenvolvimento rural, a consciência BIO de cada um e a biodiversidade.

Mozzarella, solo mozzarella.


Tonon Dairy Factory has been certified to produce organic mozzarella since 1995. Not a trendy choice, but a natural inclination for a company that has already used prime materials and bio-compatible processing.

Organic milk is the prime material of the BIONATURA Tonon line. It is sourced from stables that ensure the use of organically grown grains and hay.

After years of a sound presence in the organic market, especially abroad, in 2008 Tonon Dairy Factory scored first place in the prestigious international competition Biocaseus (gold and bronze medals). It also won first place in the 2009 edition. These awards are in addition to other important prizes such as the Trofeo San Lucio (Pandino, Cremona, first and third place) and “La Forme del Bio 2008 (Pienza, Diploma of Excellence).

What people say?

“Amazing organic pizza and wine!!”

Tripadvisor guest

What people say?

“Wait, what, soft tofu, on a pizza? For realz? Yep. And it tastes damn fine: the silky, delicate tofu on top of the tomato sauce is a combination which we’d never thought we’d develop a craving for, but damn if we wouldn’t eat it again every time we come back to In bocca al lupo.”

Nout Van Den Neste, Food Adventures in Lisbon

What people say?

"Probably the best pizza I've ever eaten, perfect crust, thickness, the tomato sauce etcetera. Quality the whole way through. The placement of the oven in the restaurant added to the cosiness and the faint smell of burning wood added to the experience."

Tripadvisor guest

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Career Oportunity as Sous-Chef

In Bocca Al Lupo is as much about food and wine as it is about the people who work and eat here; there is an enormous sense of ‘belonging to the family’ at In Bocca Al Lupo. Quite a few of our team have been with the company since the beginning, 3 years ago, and that history of learning and working together has created lifelong friendships. In Bocca Al Lupo is a happy and familiar environment and we pride ourselves when people walk in the door and can sense this warmth, whether they are a customer or a new member of staff.

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Opening Hours

Working hours:

Lunch: 12h00 - 15h30

Dinner: 19h00 - 23h00

We are closed on tuesdays

Important Information

We are closed on Tuesdays.

For reservations and info, feel free to contact us through the phone or email.

Email reservation need to be made before 17h00 for that day.

Reservations have a tolerance of 15 minutes.

For groups larger larger than 6 people:
There is a minimum consumption of 1 pizza per reserved member, even if not present, unless we have received information of a change to the reservation no later than 18h30 of the day of the reservation.

For all group reservations:
Your reservation will be valid after your final email to [email protected] confirming acceptance of our group conditions and proposed time window.
Your reservation has a specific time allocation window that must be followed.
Your table will be held for 15 minutes after the time of the booking.

NB: For all food brought from outside the restaurant, and specifically birthday cakes, a 2,5€ tax will be charged per person.

We will be waiting for YOU!

In case of litigation the consumer has the option and right to contact the Lisbon Center for Consumption Litigation (Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa), Rua dos Douradores, 116, 2º - 1100-207 Lisboa, Tel: 218 807 030 / Fax: +351 218 807 038, email [email protected]. Further information can be found at the Consumer Portal www.consumidor.pt


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+351 21 390 0582
Rua Manuel Bernardes nº5 A 1200-250 Lisboa Portugal
[email protected]

email reservations need to be made before 17h00

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